Route via Balikpapan (BPN)

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Travel Route via Balikpapan (BPN)

We recommend our customers travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta, to take flight to Berau via Balikpapan.

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Balikpapan(BPN) to Berau(BEJ)

Guests could purchase their air ticket for Indonesian domestic flight BPN/BEJ/BPN by on-line web purchase @ Garuda Airlines @


Flight Detail

Based on current flight information ( Current proposed flight ) -

BPN/BEJ by Garuda Airlines GA 696 departing at 1315 and arriving at 1410 ( 20kg baggage allowance )

*Guests may need to bring along "Letter of Indemnity (LOI)" for Credit Payment using credit card for ticket purchase that does not belong to any of the travelers (airport check-in counter staff may request for this) - please refer to Airline website (terms & conditions)


Visa at Balikpapan

Please check Indonesian Visa requirement before travel. For your information, there is VISA on Arrival facility ( for a list of specified countries ) at Balikpapan Airport. Currently (30-day) Visa fee on arrival is at USD 35 per person. Upon arrival at Balikpapan Airport, guests could queue up at the VISA on arrival counter to obtain VISA before proceeding for immigration clearance.

Visa fee is subject to changes without prior notice.


Berau(BEJ) to Maratua Paradise Resort

From Berau airport, you can take transport to Berau Jetty or optionally use our car and boat transport services.

We have fixed car and boat transfer schedules. Please refer to below FIXED Boat / Car Transfer Schedules.

Unscheduled Boat Transfer could be arranged ( subject to availability ) for Group of 4 divers travelling on the same arrival & departure dates with the same flight schedules.

There will be a Boat Transfer Surcharge of USD 232 Ex-Berau Jetty for any booking of SINGLE TRAVELLER arrives/departs by Fixed Boat Transfer Schedules in addition to the normal boat transfer charge of USD 232 per person.


Entering into Maratua Paradise Resort (Monday / Wednesday / Saturday)

  1. BEJ Airport - Jetty by Car ( about 20minutes )
  2. BEJ Jetty - MPR by Boat ( about 2hrs 45minutes to 3hrs boat ride )

Arrival Note

In the event that we have guest arriving Berau by different flights on the same day, guests arriving on earlier flight would have to wait for guest arriving on a later flight before they would be transferred together by boat into Maratua Paradise Resort. ( Subject to sea / weather condition, normally latest boat departure from Berau Jetty to resort is before 1630hrs. )

The resort uses 2 parallel prongs (French type) electric plug.

The cellular network operator available in Maratua is Telcomsel.


Departing from Maratua Paradise Resort (Tuesday / Friday / Sunday)

  1. MPR - BEJ Jetty by Boat ( about 2hrs 45minutes to 3hrs boat ride )
  2. BEJ Jetty - Airport by Car ( about 20minutes )

Departure Note

Boat departure schedule from Resort depends on earliest flight schedule of guest departing on that day. In the event that we have guests departing Maratua by different flights on the same day, guests departing on later flight would be transferred together with guests departing on earlier flight by boat out to Berau Jetty.

Return Flight Detail

Based on current flight information ( Current proposed flight ) -

BEJ/BPN by Garuda Airlines GA 693 departing at 1135 and arriving at 1235 ( 20kg baggage allowance)

* currently, there is NO Silk Air flight on Sunday

Note : There is NO inter-liner Agreement between the Airlines in Indonesia in the event of any flight/public transport delay or schedule change.

Above information and schedules may be subject to changes without prior notice