Main Hall

The main hall stands on stilts over the water and it is whereby the restaurant, tuna bar, relaxing lounge and office are located at.


Meals consist of predominately fresh fish and fruit and are taken in the central dining room, alcoholic and canned / bottled soft drinks may be purchased from the bar.

* All meals are Local & Chinese style
* In view of the local Muslim staff working at the resort and the local Muslim population on the island, we DO NOT serve pork, and NO cooking of pork in the kitchen as a good gesture

Bfast  07:30 ~ 08:30
Lunch  12:30 ~ 13:30
Dinner  19:30 ~ 20:30

* Meals time is subject to changes.( Because of diving time..etc ) 


Free Service : Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea, Biscuit & Bread 
* 24 hours / Self Service

Charge Item ] 

Mineral Water(1500ml)  Rp 15,000
Soft Drinks  Rp 15,000
Beer   Rp 55,000